cyberface request

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cyberface request

Post  skunkispro on Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:26 pm

hey can anyone help me out ?

I have my cyberface but it needs some work and its past my level of skill

I have head shape its close but not perfect and needs a little tweak to match my head shape better

and I have the face texture file again its close but needs tweaking or starting fresh either way my version I have is just not good enough

I have 360 decrease picture of my head all high quality

things my cyberface is missing and needs a very short beard under my chin and on my neck (my pictures will show what I mean), moustache but I would also love a cyberface texture with out the beard so if I decide to shave I can do that in game to Smile but that's not important and I need my hairstyle its very easy style again my picture will show it thank you
you don't need to do my tattoos as I have them done

cheers in advance Smile



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